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Vish Puri is the best detective in all India... and most probably the world!

Read about his extraordinary cases, meet his undercover team and explore Delhi and its culinary delights!

The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing

'Vish Puri is wonderfully engaging... A funny entertaining novel... The characters - including members of Puri's complicated family - are splendid, and it's a joy to read'


Vish Puri returns in
'The Case of the Love Commandos'
Out now!

Most Private Investigators

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Indian English

'What's the funda?'
'Enter through the backside only!'
'How often do you take sex?'
'Just he's doing timepass.'
'Dear sir, with reference to your above please see my below.'

Just a few examples of the kind of language you're likely to hear people using in Delhi. I think my favourite, though, is the application of the words 'by' and 'chance', which becomes 'bychance'. It pops up all the time in the middle of Hindi sentences: 'Aap kay pass bychance pen hai?'